Few words for today

While food is being prepared for todays feast I found few moments to write few words…

Today is a very special day for so many people. Kids will have lots of fun and probably belly aches after overdosing candies. Adults will probably end up with hangover tomorrow after having too much fun today. I bet that 90% of celebrating Halloween has no idea why they are wearing costumes but I think it is ok. There are people who simply does not believe and does not need or want to believe.

For me most of all this is day of my ancestors who are no longer among living but have (I hope) chance and will to come with visit today and I must admit I need my ancestors more then ever. Not because they maybe can do some supernatural hocus-pocus for me, but because my family was full of very wise and fearless women and men, who even facing death were standing unbroken doing the right thing. I need to feel this kind of bravery and unbroken spirit so I can go through whatever fate has prepared for me.

In today’s menu beef with mushroom sauce, potatoes, sour crude and mead in the glasses.

Everyday we cherish those who are with us but today let’s remember those who passed away..

Happy Halloween/Samhain/Ancestors Holiday!candles

By the way, there is just one kind of mead available in Norway! What a barbarin country! 🙂


Autumn at the North…

Autumn at the North is mostly rusty and golden and it shines with frost and ice. Fresh snow starts to cover tops of the mountains but rest of them is still like set into fire in the evening sun. Air is fresh and easy to breath, but you can already feel winter on you cheeks and ears. You see that everything prepares for a deep sleep including usually rushing rivers that now get more and more covered with ice.

There is remarkable charm in this autumn..


Intention in rune magic

I think it is obvious that whatever we do our attitude and intention play a key role. In witchcraft intention and focus are very important. Rune magic is a bit different and with this article I will probably step on many toes. Why? Because I dare to say that rune magic is not about intention and mindset. It is almost only about knowledge and wisdom.

In a middle of writing an important article about one of the “problematic” runes (it will be published soon) I was doing research about it and I read on one of what seemed to be reliable websites that to work with this rune you should be in positive attitude and avoid negative feeling to excluded possible negative outcomes related to this rune. One thing is that this rune was in my opinion terribly misinterpreted on this website but fact that with own will vitki can shape energy of the rune and use just some of it’s aspects was a ridiculous and dangerous idea for me! As I said, website seems to be reliable and is probably a source of knowledge to many beginners. I will not provide a link – I think I already might have quite a lot of thunders thrown at me.

Runes are self-containing energy signs.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt will be reasonable to start with pointing a difference between spell casting and runes. Whenever witch is casting a spell she is using her own energy (or she conducts energy from other source) to shape spell, so whatever she feels, thinks gets into the end result. Runes are not dependent on what we feel and think. Every single rune is a separate element containing each own symbolism, power and energy, and no matter what we think and how we interpret the runes they are what they are. It is like having a blue flower but then starting to debate that perhaps it is a bit violet and trying to put yellow glasses to make flower look green. Flower will be still blue.

Runes are ancient old – at least 2000 years. They were not invented by us and our modern influenced by many cultures and religions occultic rules does not apply to them. To understand runes it is essential to reach the source and try to walk in our ancestors shoes for a while.

Hávamál of Poettic Edda describes how runes were discovered by Odin through his self sacrifice. He found runes, gain wisdom and great power.

See “Odin´s Rune-song” form 140 stanza.

The most important part there is:

144. Runes thou wilt find,
and explained characters,
very large characters,
very potent characters,
which the great speaker depicted,
and the high powers formed,
and the powers’ prince graved

This part says that runes are powerful characters painted and formed independently on us . We can use them and interpret them and that is all. To use power of runes wisdom is required and Odin not without a reason is god of wisdom.

Good intention – bad results

If we can agree that power of runes is contained in their shapes, meanings and symbolism fact that our intention and attitude has no influence on rune magic can still be questioned.

There are runes clearly positive like Wunjo. There are runes that does represent this unpleasant aspects of our world like chaos, destruction and suffering. There are also runes with good symbolism that are in some way negative too, like Fehu. Fehu can give you comfort of wealth but also can cause jealousy and disputes. Website I was mentioning said that with your mindset you can control what energy of the rune you use. Why I see a danger in such claim? Because if it’s wrong a young vitki will at one point make a horrible mistake. There was no arguments provided that would prove that such claim is true.

Let me tell you a story from Egil’s Saga. There was a sick girl and not educated in rune magic village boy tried to heal her with runes. He made a mistake and made girls sickness worse. If we assume that with good attitude and intention we can shape energy of runes girl should not be harmed more then she already was, but she did. Egil used runes correctly, healed the girl and then he said:

‘Runes none should grave ever
Who knows not to read them;
Of dark spell full many
The meaning may miss.
Ten spell-words writ wrongly
On whale-bone were graven:
Whence to leek-tending maiden,
Long sorrow and pain.’

So we have no control?

I will not say that we have no influence on rune energy. If you work with rune that has negative or dual symbolism you do not use your will, mindset or intention to shape outcome but you simply use other runes to neutralize negative meaning or enhance it if that is your wish.

If you will write “F**ck you!” it will sound bad and be negative no matter on your mental state. But depending on context this word can be even funny. Same is with runes – you write them, you read them and context – company of other runes – is important not your intention.

So intention does not matter at all?

As I said on the beginning of this article – our attitude affects everything we do. Our intention can not shape outcome of runic charm but can influence it’s strength. If we mean to create a curse we will. If we hate person for whom we create good luck and prosperity charm it probably will not work, not because we altered or filtered the energy of runes but because we simply didn’t want to create such amulet in the first place. We will be on more or less concient level negligent when “activating” such amulet.

And when we will be creating healing amulet with misinterpreted runes – something that we interpret as healing – and we will put all our will and intention to make this amulet to work we will hurt someone without actually wanting that. Meaning of amulet will stay the same not dependent on what we want that to achieve, but our determination will make this amulet powerful the way it is.


In conclusion I think it is wise to be sceptical regarding what online websites suggest (that includes my blog of course). I am not trying to enforce my point of view on anyone, but I dare to speak up when there is something not right according to me and hope that I will make some of readers to at least think about it, do research and reach their own conclusions. I try to shed a light on a issue that was taken by many only by believe, because someone said so without any reasonable argument to support their claims and then spread the idea across internet. And it was not something trivial, but something in my opinion essential in rune magic – craft that was almost extinct and it’s true nature is today more secret then ever.

Each single one of us is on own quest for wisdom and I only strongly advise you to not choose shortcuts and easy knowledge. Odin suffered terribly in order to know secret of runes. Why then we, humans, should expect that it will come so easy to us?

Recipe: Mighty honey, ginger and lemon trio against nasty autumn cold

Today we all were here at the North surprised by the very fist snow this.. well, it’s still autumn.  I had almost tears in my eyes because I love snow but I also know that this snow when it comes will stay for half of year. Time of cold, snow, more snow, snow storms, slush, hails, winds and, pardon my french but I really hate it, f*** slippery icy surface everywhere you step has begun and with all of this season of flu, running noses, cold, fever and nasty cough.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the evening when finally I had free time I armed myself with knife and prepared remedy against (or hopefully to prevent) all this bad sides of the changing seasons.

Super mighty and super tasty mix of honey, lemon and lots, and lots of ginger!

To make it you simply need to peel and cut lemon in slices, peel and  grind lots of ginger and add enough of honey to cover both lemon and ginger. Put all ingredients in the jar and leave for a couple of days in the fridge.

When ready add a spoon of spiced honey to warm (NOT HOT!) tea, milk or simply water and hopefully stay healthy in the cold, snow, more snow, snow storms, slush, hails and winds and against slippery ice use shoe spikes 🙂

“The Dark Song” of Amergin Glúingel

Some music, some poetry, some old Irish pre-Christianity in this post..

Amergin Glúingel is probably known to some of you and you who know him probably know “The Song of Amergin”, and if you don’t know that person and his song please visit the links – there is really no point to re-write Wikipedia information here (Ok, I admit I am exceptionally lazy this evening).

The point of this post: one of my favourite bands has long time ago created a song based on “The Song of Amergin” making absolutely mystical “The Dark Song”.

Enjoy or at least appreciate.

“I am the wind that breathes on the sea
I am the wave, wave on the ocean
I am the ray, the eye of the sun
I am a tomb, cold in darkness
I am star, the tear of the sun
I am a wonder, a wonder in flower
I am the spear as it cries out for blood
The word of great power
I am the depts of a great pool
I am the song of the blackbird

Who but I can cast light upon the meeting of the mountains?
Who but I will cry aloud the changes in the moon?
Who but I can find the place where hides away the sun?
AiliIath Nerenn

From the breeze on the mountain to the lake of deep blue
From the waterfall down to the sea
Never changing or ending on the voice of the wind
Sing the dark song of Erenn to me…”

Rune binding tips: Choosing right runes

I know that choosing right runes is problematic to new rune magic practitioners. I have received quite a lot of questions from people who were trying to create a bind but could not decide on what runes to use. They were struggling with it creating one bind after another. What I noticed is that lack of knowledge and understanding of rune symbolism is not the issue but rather not well defined purpose of the rune bind.

If you try to create a bind first be clear about what you want to achieve. If bind should help to resolve some problem try to understand it’s root first. If, for example, the problem is “I am lonely” try to figure out why. Is it because you are shy, you have bad luck in meeting right people or maybe you have a bad temper?

After you identify the purpose of the bind that can be expressed in single sentence I am quite sure that choosing runes will be much easier. Try to choose them in such way that read all together they will create a charm that resolves the problem. If you need to strongly work with some aspect of the problem you can simply double rune that resolves it.
And the most important tip from me: stay simple and trust yourself.

Probability of coincidence

Today we do some math. If you ever thought that all those things you had to do at math classes are useless in real life I will disappoint you. Math is very useful especially when you are a curious person.

Believe or not but I am quite logical and reasonable witch. I have difficulties to take things by faith only, trusting things I did not checked myself and following them blindly. So when my first reading was so accurate I simply asked myself how is that even possible? How it is possible to get this 3 runes in specific order and position (reversed or not) that would answer a specific question? I wondered what is probability that this was just coincidence.

It was a moment when I felt I finally can use what I was studying so hard in the past and calculate this probability. I got my answer but it was even more mind blowing.

If you wonder what is the probability of getting simply 3 runes of 24 runes in specific order and position here the answer:


To explain that more for those who are curious how I got this number. We will take 3 runes one by one of 24 runes. Each rune can be in upright position or reversed so we can say that if we want to take randomly one rune we can have 48 different results: we can pick have 24 runes upright and 24 runes reversed.

So probability of getting a specific rune in specific position is: 1:48

Next we take another rune out of 23 runes and it again can be in one of two positions so probability of getting second rune is: 1:46

Third rune we draw from 22 runes and probability of third rune is: 1:44

Now we just multiply probabilities and we get 1:97152

It happened to me few times already that for same question asked twice I was getting almost all same runes (one was different usually and maybe order changed).  I don’t know yet how is that possible but it is quite improbable to be just coincidence.

Recipe: Energizing herbal drink

Today I share my recipe for energizing herbal drink for those who have to go through long, stressful day.

You need:

  • teaspoon of peppermint
  • teaspoon (or more!) of yerba mate
  • 2 cm (or more!) of fresh ginger
  • honey
  • your favourite tea mug

Place yerba mate in a cup (you can use tea baskets) and pour some cold water. After a while add gradually hot but not boiling water and leave it. In second cup place mint and ginger (can be cut in small pieces or slices) and pour hot water.

Now wait when your drink will cool down and pour both yerba mate and peppermint into your favourite mug. Add some honey just remember that temperatures over 40 deg are killing all the goodness that honey has.

Drink tastes awesome also when is served cold.

All ingredients are good for your body and mind and you can adjust amounts to modify taste, however more yerba mate more energizing effect you will get.

Rune set

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI had some branch slices laying around and waiting to be used. I had plans to make rune set for a long time but never opportunity to do that. While I was making some amulets I decided that now is the right time.

With some assistance slices were formed into similar sized and shaped tiles and all 24 Elder Futhark runes burned on them (no blank tiles).

Traditionally runes should be carved in wood and painted with mix of red paint and blood, but as I tried that (skipping bleeding into paint :)) it turned out to be very time consuming and tedious process. Burning was much easier and faster and I am sure my set is as good as carved and painted. Besides how can we be sure that carving-painting is the only proper way to work with runes? Who knows if this technique would last for centuries if rune magic had been constantly practised and developed over the hundreds of years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI got nice little leather bag with triangular bottom to store my runes and after I done some “cleaning, naming and binding ceremony” runes were ready for use.

If something is done wrong it will not work, right? Well, my set works better then I expected.


A special runic gift for a friend

Runic amulets

I have a friend. She is Viking and skilled artisan. She has charming personality and great charisma – she has a bunch of Vikings around her always. My friend just had birthday – quite round number birthday.. let’s say 29. I wanted to prepare a gift for her but of course making something was quite pointless because she would probably make it herself better, so I had to be clever and find something that she can not make and something that she can use with her Viking clothes.

I designed for her a special bind – the middle one with dotted decoration – to help her keep strong, harmonious and secured relationship with her Vikings. While I was making this amulet for her just for fun made I two more – well known success (on the left) and good luck (on the right) charms.

Amulets are, as I call it, Berkano-Kenaz style – runes burned in birch tree branch slices.

My friend looked pleased. I hope they will serve her well.